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Let's Tango -
     Where sellers compete for your business.
Here is where it gets fun. cartango has a patent pending process that allows car sellers to compete for your business. In real time car sellers will make their offers to your shopping page. Negotiate online through cartango and choose with whom you would like to do business.
Your car is your ultimate accessory -
         make sure it matches you.
cartango helps you avoid one of the most common and expensive mistakes in car buying - purchasing the wrong vehicle. cartango has commissioned the building of a powerful inference engine designed to match you with the most compatible vehicle based on your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Our fun and easy survey helps ensure you will find your Car Soulmate.
Information is power.
cartango provides you with ratings and reviews from Chrome, a well-respected automotive resource. Need we say more….
More time for you to shop, exercise,
     read a good book, be with your family. . .
cartango will continue to shop for you even when you are offline. Our patent pending automated search ensures that you will spend more time living life and less time sitting in front of a computer searching for cars.
You're in the driver's seat.
cartango allows you to communicate anonymously with sellers and move at your own speed. No intrusive phone calls, emails, or junk mail. No hassle, no haggle, no problem. Release your information only when you have established trust and are comfortable with the seller.
A car shopper's boutique.
Now you can get the boutique experience while shopping for cars. cartango provides you with your own space to manage your entire shopping process including communications, searches, and research. You can share this page with friends and family to get their valuable insight. In addition, this page plays an important role in helping you get the best deal by being the platform to invite sellers to compete for your business.