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It is important to realize that the “My Tango” portion of this site should be used only when you are a SERIOUS buyer. Once you start the Tango with the sellers, you CAN NOT change selected vehicles or invited sellers. You can only conduct one Tango at a time and at the end of the Tango, you must choose a seller to submit your contact information to. If you do not choose, we will assume you want your information sent to each seller you invited to the Tango.
Tango Instructions:
Choose 1-3 cars to place in Tango.
Bring up the first car you want to add to Tango and click the "Add to Tango" button. Do the same for the other cars you wish to add (maximum 3 vehicles). You can view the vehicles you have placed in Tango by going to "My Tango" link and clicking on the tabs that represent your submitted vehicles.
After you add a car to Tango, view the car under "My Tango" and if the “Select Dealership(s)” portion of the status bar is highlighted, it means the vehicle is not assigned to a specific dealer, and you need to select which dealer(s) you wish to invite to Tango for that particular vehicle. You can invite up to 3 sellers per vehicle.
Once "Ready to Tango" is highlighted on the status bar for each vehicle, click on “Submit Tango.” You only have to click “Submit Tango” for one of your chosen vehicles and all of the other vehicles marked “Ready to Tango” will automatically be submitted to the Tango.
Check back to “My Tango” and click on the tabs for each car to see responses from dealers.
A Tango will remain open for 7 days. If you begin a Tango with less than three cars, you may add more vehicles (up to a maximum of 3) throughout the length of the Tango. However, please remember that the Tango will expire 7 days after the initial submission, regardless of when you submitted the later vehicles to your original Tango.
In Tango, sellers will see which other vehicles you have in Tango and where else you are shopping. This will enable you to get the best possible deal on a vehicle since dealers will be competing for your business.
When you are satisfied with the results from the Tango, choose which dealer(s) you wish to give your contact information to. You must submit your contact information to at least one dealership prior to the expiration of the Tango; otherwise, your information will be submitted to every dealer you invited to the Tango.
After you submit your contact information, you have the option to close this Tango or allow it to continue until it automatically expires 7 days after your initial submission. You can only begin another Tango after you have closed your first one or after it has automatically expired.
Enjoy your Car Soulmate!