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  The Only Shopping I Can’t Stand  

Clearance sales, I’m there. Double coupons, got ‘em. BOGO? Yeah, I know what that means. You can call me the “Queen of Savings.” No sale goes unnoticed, and I never (gasp) pay full price. I am a lean, mean shopping machine. However, there is one type of shopping that I can’t stand, loathe, and truly get sick over…yet men love it. We are so different, our species. Men don’t like to shop, only go to the mall twice a year for our anniversary and Christmas presents.

So there I am…heart racing…keep a straight face…don’t show my cards too early…I am not here to buy…just look. I get out of my car with my best game face on. I try not to make eye contact; don’t want to look too desperate. I pray that they just leave me alone for a little while as I look around. I know what I want, but I don’t want them to know what I am here for. Yes, I have done my research on the internet, now it’s time to make my move.

What am I shopping for? If you haven’t guessed it by now, I have just walked into a car dealership. Why is it that when it comes to talking down the sales girl for a stain on a shirt I can get a discount, but I am the cowardly lion when it comes to shopping for a car? I haven’t brought a man with me to shop, which is usually my favorite car shopping accessory. I can do this; just don’t look them in the eye.

As my heart races, and my full shield of armor on, I look to negotiate a price on a car that I have already meticulously researched online. I have done my homework; I know what I want for my trade in. Now it is just a matter of convincing the poor car salesperson to give me what I want. Now, I am fearless. They want my business, no scratch that, they need my business. Now the tables have turned. I am no longer afraid, and yes, I will walk if you do not meet my demands. I am no longer the cowardly lion, I am the Queen! And so, I have conquered the world of car shopping. I am at ease. Do not fear ladies, you too can be the Queen. Just do your research, know what you want before you get there, and do not be afraid to walk away!