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  How to get the most our of your car trade  

So you want to get the most for your trade in. First and foremost spend the hundred dollars and have the car detailed. A detailed car increases the value by up to 20 %.

Second if the car is a late model and has rough paint, take it to a paint shop and get the cheapest paint job with the same color. most shops have a deal around $250.00, The best way to get this deal is to not have the interior of the doors and trunk painted.

Third make sure the car is mechanically sound. have the oil changed right before you bring it to the dealer. The last thing a dealer wants to see is black oil on the dipstick.

Fourth check the nada kelly blue book for the current value of your car.

Fifth check the kelly blue book for the value for the car you want to purchase.

Sixth read the news paper for ongoing sales and bring a copy to the dealer, even if it is from another dealer.

Seventh ask the sales rep to see the manifest from the delivery of your new car most times the dealers price will be on it and you will know what they paid for it.

Eighth If you are using the dealer for financing, haggle the deal, lets say they want to give you 5% you say well since I'm not getting what I want for my trade (even if you are) lower my interest rate by 1%. in the long run that can save you alot of money.

Ninth bring any paper work for the maintenance you have done.

Tenth if you don't have the original owners manual for the car call local junk yards to see if they have one they will sell it to you for about $3.00 and it adds about $100.00 to the value.