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  How to accessorize your car  

One of the greatest accessories a girl can have is her car. Not only is it vital in that jaunt from home to work and back, it's a place where you spend a lot of time. It's now easier than ever to spice things up a bit and add your own personal flavour to your ride. There are so many ways to accessorize your vehicle that the choices are virtually endless. Don't let price stop you. It's doesn't have to be expensive.

There are plenty of simple and relatively cheap ways to give your car some personality. Even the little things like your choice of air freshener can say something about you. Take a walk down the auto aisle of your nearest super center style store and you will find a huge selection. Spiders, cartoon characters and skulls are just a few of the eye catching objects you can hang from your mirror to create a pleasant aroma. Whether it's black cherry you like or vanilla, there is something for everyone. It isn't just classic pine tree and new car scent anymore. And the funky styles and designs provide a fun way of freshening up.

Seat covers and floor mats are another inexpensive way to change up the look inside the car. Not only are seat covers a great way to protect the seats, they can also allow you to show off your personality. Everything from cow print to Disney characters can be found on seat covers. If you live somewhere cold, try grabbing the fuzzy ones for added warmth. Are you proud of your vehicle selection? Grab some covers sporting the logo and name of your car make or model. Give the mirror a new look by ditching the classic dice. Try a pair of fuzzy handcuffs instead to show off your inner bad girl or a string of real flowers or pearls for a feminine touch. Of course with anything on your mirror, make sure it doesn't interfere with your vision in any way.

Custom made license plate frames and decals are among the cheapest of ways to put your own special touch on your vehicle. A little online searching will pull up a list of places that specialize in printing your personal slogan on a license plate frame. Not only that but some of these places are also able to customize a hood or trunk decal for you to go in place of the brand name badge or logo. With choices like this there is nothing you can't do to make your car an original.

Don't be afraid to learn more about your vehicle. You don't have to be a gear head to talk auto. Jump on an affiliated forum or website and check out what fellow owners are doing to make their ride unique. Some of the best ways to accessorize and personalize your car is by doing exterior modifications. Looking at what others have done can give you great ideas. This doesn't mean some high end body job; it can be as simple as a custom paint job. Flames down the side or a hood design are just two examples of basic custom work that can add some flair to your car. It's up to you. A good shop will be able to take your idea and turn it into art.

Not only can paint work as an accessory but tint can as well. Darkening your back windows creates a sleek look and keeps the sun out. Some tint places can now screen a picture of your choice onto the tint before putting it on your back window. When people follow you in traffic they will be able to see your selected picture and you will be able to see them. Consult your local auto shops and artists for their rates and services.

The most important aspect of accessorizing your car is that you like it. Don't let your decisions be influenced solely by what other people are doing to their cars. It's supposed to be a reflection of you, an extension of yourself. Whether you spend a few bucks, a few hundred or a few thousand, you should be happy with the results. Take your time and use careful consideration before making any large or permanent changes. An idea that looks good on paper may not always look good driving around on the side of a car or SUV. Ask yourself first if you can really commit to the change. This is where a program like photo shop can come in handy. If you're not the girlie type, don't feel forced to portray yourself as one. Take the opportunity to push the limits and maybe even be a little daring. Of course no matter what you do to give life to your car, always ensure it meets all legal road and safety requirements for your area. And drive safe!