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Cars with the Best Gas Mileage
In the early 1970s, soaring gas prices and long gas lines forced changes in the way Americans lived, worked, and drove. Americans quickly found out ... Read More
Has This Car Been In An Accident?
Finding out if a used car has been in an accident is an important step in the buying process. Although you may choose to... Read More
Winter driving: Tips To Keep You Safe
It’s the morning of your big presentation at work. You know, the one you were up late perfecting in the hopes that you might seal that promotion. Or maybe you... Read More
Feeling Confident About Car Repair
Have you ever taken your car in to be serviced only to find yourself walking out with a lighter wallet, wondering if you really needed that rear alignment, coolant flush and.... Read More
The Only Shopping I Can’t Stand
Clearance sales, I’m there. Double coupons, got ‘em. BOGO? Yeah, I know what that means. You can call me the “Queen of Savings.” No sale goes unnoticed.... Read More
Make Every Tank of Gas Go Further
You may not be able to do much about rising gas prices, but you can adjust your driving habits so that you use fuel more efficiently.... Read More
How to read a new car window sticker
Fifty years ago the Federal government passed legislation requiring all U.S. dealers to attach labels to every new ca...Read More
Car Financing: Tips and information
Purchasing and paying for a new car doesn't have to be intimidating. Beyond the acquisition of a new home, bringing...Read More
How to accessorize your car
I'm having an 80's flashback. In college, the accessories on my car consisted of a yellow diamond sign, fastened with a suction cup...Read More
How to accessorize your car
One of the greatest accessories a girl can have is her car. Not only is it vital in that jaunt from home to work and back, it's a place where you spend a lot of time. It's now easier than ever to spice things up...Read More
How to get the most out of your car trade
The truth of the matter is you will almost always get more money for your used car if you sell it yourself....Read More
How to get the most out of your car trade
So you want to get the most for your trade in....Read More
A comprehensive automotive glossary
Glossary....Read More
Lease or buy? Car leasing versus car buying explained
Leasing versus buying a car comes down to one very simple question: do you plan on keeping the car longer than 3-4 years? That's it....Read More
Lease or buy? Car leasing versus car buying explained
I think it's safe to say that we've all known at least one person who has made an "on a whim" vehicle purchase or lease, only to find....Read More
Hybrid: Overview
When Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Prince Charles are all rumored to drive them, you have probably heard some hype about the hybrid....Read More
How to know a car dealership is reputable
Buying a car can be an exciting, but sometimes scary, adventure into the myriad makes, models, options, warranties...Read More
Car buyers: What to bring to the car dealership
Most women look forward to car shopping for themselves about as much as men look forward to buying lingerie gifts for others...Read More
Car buyers: What to bring to the car dealership
If you are ready to purchase a used vehicle here's a list of things to bring with you to the dealership...Read More